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The eMook experience started in 2014 when Tom Bilotta, an international writer and entrepreneur, had a brilliant brainwave: adding “automated sound sensations” to digital books. Everything took the shape of a new app called eMooks: the beginning of a fascinating “two-dimensional” adventure, set to revolutionise digital reading, by proposing itself as a type of reading capable of “stimulating” the reader’s imagination through a wide range of auditory perceptions, that enlivens the world of eBooks.

eMooks is becoming increasingly more popular. This is thanks to the Italian and international mass media that is discovering the peculiar nature of this product. The CEO and inventor of the app, Tom Bilotta, who is often a guest at dissemination initiatives, presented his creation at the Web Summit in Dublin in front of an international audience of entrepreneurs, sector-related investors and famous writers of the calibre of Dan Brown and Ken Follett. The Web Summit has been described as “the best technology conference on the planet”: in 2015, eMooks was included by the Summit among the first 100 start-up companies on a world scale.

Our Vision

Read, listen and amplify your emotions.

By means of the latest technologies, the aim of the eMooks app is to enable the reader to totally immerse himself in the story, giving his imagination a boost, by combining what he sees and hears. The corporate vision aims at achieving a new reading emotion, allowing the user to enjoy an all-round literary experience. Innovation, Passion, Trust, Culture and Personal experience are the values upon which the work carried out by eMooks is based. Above all, technological and social innovation, to lead to an entirely new perception of reading. We put the end user at the heart of each and every one of our actions, to whom the extremely vast choice of contents is aimed, automatically selected by the app according to his needs and desires. The company firmly believes in teamwork: the group, mainly consisting of young people, is objective-driven and share common feelings, such as courage and optimism for the future. The end product can be perfectly integrated into any kind of cultural context, as it expresses itself through its artistic and literary works.

Employees of eMooks truly believe in what they do: they are driven by passion, powered by the desire to revolutionise the reading world, while performing their duty with loyalty, transparency and honesty.

Our Technology

eMooks is a free, internationally-patented app, the main peculiar characteristic of which is to connect and synchronise the automatic scrolling feature of the digital text of an eBook with a variety of sound effects. This is ambient background noise and music created ad hoc in our recording studios.

The perception of reading remains unchanged and is facilitated by the scrolling feature as well as the pop-up images that make it possible to automatically interact with the text itself.

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