Once upon a time... 

there were fairy tales, myths, legends and picture books.

The kind of literature that enchanted the childhood of many,

turning it into a special and unforgettable time. 

eMooks Originals was born with the idea and intent to walk the children and the young people of today (...and of yesterday!) through this fantastic journey, holding hands with them to make them understand the beauty of reading. eMooks originals has focused on the production of a significant variety of evergreens that inspired many generations. Do Hans Christian Andersen and the Grimm brothers mean anything to you?  The flying trunk, The ugly duckling, The princess and the pea, or even the most classic of the classics like Hansel and Gretel or Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. These and many other titles will be available in December 2018 in eMooks. The best stories of all time come back to life, giving more and more emotions, coming from the tales, the drawings and from all the sounds, musics and soundtracks that are created specifically for each tale in our studios and linked to the texts. The product combines different but complementary aspects: one that draws on the narrative tradition on the past and another that aims to enhance it thanks to the peculiarities of the application, highlighting its original and unique caracteristics. 


To make this possible, the company has selected an important number of young Italian illustrators / cartoonists and screenwriters, coming from the best Academies of the whole country. They will be the ones to give life to the stories, to shape them with new representations, the result of their personal artistic and creative inspiration.


We are currently working with our artists on three production lines: an average total productsion of 150 titles per year will be devided into fairy tales, myths and legends (90 titles / year), picture books and illustrated novels for young adults (40 titles / year) and unpublished authors to scout (10 titles / year). 


The goal is clear: eMooks wants to contribute to the cross fertilization of culture and literature, sending stories all wround the world. Thus, for example, allowing Italian readers to get to know the best Japanese, French, South american, Korean, African or Nordic Tales (...and these are just examples!) and viceversa providing at the same time, to foreign countries, the possibility to get in touch with the international literary tradition.


Once again eMooks bets on the “Made in Italy”, more than ever convinced in giving confidence to the potential of the best young artists in our country.

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