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Thanks to eMooks, digital reading will never be the same again. The app synchronises sounds, ambient noise and music with the text, in this way the automated contents are amplified on tablets and smartphones, making them more life-like than ever before. A new, enthralling experience emerges from this that, however, does not phase out that of a conventional nature.

Vroom, Boom, Puff, Toc Toc, Boom, with eMooks these and hundreds of other onomatopoeias "come off" the page and come to life. They become real and proper sounds, but also soundtracks to accompany the reader’s imagination. Therefore, comics, children’s books narrative texts become “two-dimensional”, enabling the reader’s imagination to take a great leap into the future.

It doesn’t matter whether you read fast or slowly: the. mks file is able to adapt to your needs on any Android and Apple device. Thanks to the internationally-patented native algorithm, the app can ensure emotions that you have never experienced before when reading a fairy story, a comic or a book.

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